newAdventure | coming soon

It's 2015 summer vacation has been approved. Now is the daunting and exciting task of deciding where to go. For me, this is the hardest part of traveling, because there are so many places in this wide world that I want to see. 

It is no secret, I have fallen in love with Asia. Already notched off my belt are Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. There is something about Asian culture, weather, and people that I love. And as much as I want to visit other continents and countries, I keep getting drawn back to Asia.

As of now I am completely undecided. My top picks would be Vietnam, Cambodia, or Philippines. I would also LOVE to visit Turkey, Greece, or any other Mediterranean country for that matter. Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Norway are high on my list as well. 


Any destinations suggestions for June 2015 departure?